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HOTPOINT H6W845WB UK 8 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine – White

Product features

  • Capacity: 8 kg

  • Spin speed: 1400 rpm

  • Quick wash time: 30 minutes for 4.5 kg

  • Energy rating: B

  • Stain removal to make sure your clothes always look their best

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HOTPOINT H6W845WB UK 8 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine – White


Long lasting performance, maximum cleaning results and a host of cleaning capabilities to cater for your laundry needs, the Hotpoint H6 W845WB UK Washing machine with an 8kg capacity and a 1400spin speed.

Achieve impeccable cleaning with maximum energy, Load Detect precisely understands the quantity of laundry placed inside the drum, and automatically adjusts the water and energy needed for each cycle by continually monitoring the amount of water absorbed by the load, cementing extraordinary cleaning results with impressive energy and water savings.

For added versatility, discover the power of steam and achieve ultimate cleaning results and peace of mind, Steam 3.0 technologies provide ultimate cleaning results with three options to choose from. The Steam Hygiene cycle which reduces bacteria thanks to a prolonged high temperature; the 20 minute Steam Refresh cycle refreshes clothes without washing; and finally the Steam Finish option keeps your laundry soft, for up to 6 hours after the end of the cycle.

Make a thoughtful purchase for your home and your surroundings that excels in design and performance.

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Rapid option

With the Rapid option you can reduce the cycle time, deciding to shorten the washing time before starting the program. Thanks to the Rapid option, we can guarantee perfect washing performance, reducing the washing time up to 50%**. ** the % will vary according to load & program selected.

Anti Allergy

Anti Allergy cycle is studied for people with sensitive skins or people suffering from allergies: it is designed to remove major allergens such as pollen, mites and cat or dog hair, thanks to a high-temperature technology and extra rinses. The cycle is tested and certified by Allergy UK.

B Energy class

Outstanding energy efficiency. At B energy class, superior performances and high energy savings are ensured, reducing the impact on the environment.

Steam Hygiene

The Steam Hygiene cycle provides the ultimate care and protection for a totally hygienic wash. Steam hygiene injects steam directly into the drum at the end of the cycle, removing up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria without the use of chemical additives.

Steam Refresh

Steam Refresh is a dedicated cycle to freshen clothes avoiding washing, saving time, energy and water, removing all unpleasant smells in just 20 min. Steam penetrates deep into fabrics making them slightly damp, reducing a huge part of creases and making garments easier to iron.

Full Load 45′

The Full Load 45′ is a dedicated wash programme that allows you to wash a full load of laundry in just 45 minutes, without compromising on the washing performance.

1400 RPM

Unbelievably fast. It works with a spin speed of 1400 revolutions per minute.

Start Delay

The Start Delay option allows you to set the Washer to begin its cycle whenever most convenient for you, saving you both time and energy.

8 Kg capacity

All the space you need. With its 8kg wash capacity, this washer provides all the space you need for your laundry.

Anti Stain

The Anti Stain is a specific cycle studied to remove even the most difficult stains, without pre-treating. This is achieved thanks to elevated electronic control and the optimized synergy between the special movements of the drum and the different washing phases.

Direct Drive Silent Motor

The innovative Direct Drive motor replaces the traditional belt driven motor with a high-performance direct drive motor that rotates the drum directly, offering quality, reliability and minimum noise levels.

Load Detect

Achieve maximum resource efficiency saving up to 45% energy and 50% water*. Load Detect sensor is able to detect the load size and it will automatically adjust and optimize energy, time and water needed for the cycle. *Tested on Mixed cycle with and without Load Detect.

Mixed | Extra Silence

Enjoy high performance at low noise with the special Mixed | Extra Silence program, that works as low as 60 dBa for the whole cycle, perfect for evening washes.


Products which care for you and for the surrounding environment with 87% recyclability after use.

Steam Finish

Keep clothes fresh for up to 6 hours with a touch of steam. With Steam FInish you can keep your laundry soft, even up to 6 hours after the end of the cycle, helping to prevent the fixation of wrinkles with delicate steaming and tumbling action. Clothes can be forgotten in the washing machine and still retain their fresh feel until you are ready to unload them!* *not compatible with programs designed for delicate garments and duvet