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  • 14 Place Setting Capacity

  • 3D Zone Wash

  • Active Dry System

  • Light-on-Floor End of Cycle Notification

  • 30 Minute Express Cycle

  • Half Load System

  • Hydroforce 3rd Rack with Spray Jets

  • Sanitising Programme

  • 39dB Super Silent Function

  • (H)820 x (W)598 x (D)555mm




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The Hotpoint H8IHT59LS built-in B energy rated dishwasher means you can skip the scrubbing and get a sparkling clean you can count on. The new Hydroforce 3rd rack with integrated spray jets provides 100% coverage. This 14-place-setting dishwasher also features Maxi Space tub, giving you more usable space, so from the biggest family roasts to an afternoon of batch cooking, Hotpoint has you covered. When you’ve got tough, baked on food on your dishes, rely on powerful 3D Zone Wash that gives you more power, so everything comes out sparkling. There’s also ActiveDry, which opens the door near the end of the cycle to allow air to circulate, giving you better drying results with every load.

Remove even tough, baked on food like lasagne with the powerful 3D Zone Wash system. The new independent spray system at the bottom of the tub offers up to 80%* more power, so your crockery all comes out sparkling clean. *Average water power percentage increase versus non 3D Zone Wash option activated mode 23

Thanks to the integrated control lamp at the base of the dishwasher, you will be informed about the end of the wash cycle.

ActiveDry opens the dishwasher door by 10cm when the internal temperature is around 40°C, allowing air to circulate for a natural yet improved drying performance.

Auto Programmes automatically adjusts the energy, water and time based on the level on dirt, giving you clean and dried dishes whilst saving on resources. Choose Auto Intensive for stubborn, baked on food, Auto Mixed for your every day loads, and Auto Fast for lightly soiled dishes.

The new dishwasher range comes with door installation fittings to suit any kitchen installation. In kitchens with fixed plinths, fixed hinges are available, while sliding hinges allow cabinetry doors to slide seamlessly under dishwashers.

Never be interrupted by the sound of your dishwasher. When activated, Super Silence can lower the noise level to 39 db(A), quieter than conversation.

The H8IHT59LS has a passive water protection system which detects leakages in the tub and prevents flooding in the house. In case of rupture of the tub, the water leaks into the lower compartment of the machine where the floating device triggers the fault alarm. Drain pump is activated and the tub is emptied.