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  • Active Fresh restores both temperature and humidity after the door has been opened

  • Multicool Flow distributes the air in the fridge for an even temperature throughout

  • Fresh Zone+ to create the ideal environment for your fruits and vegetables

  • Super Freeze to quickly freeze new items and lock in their freshness

  • 367 Litres of usable space, enough for 19 bags of groceries

  • Frost free so you never need to defrost ever again

  • Reversible door hinges so you can position the fridge freezer wherever you like

  • C Energy rating to save you money off your utility bills

  • 202.7 x 59.6 x 67.8 cm (H x W x D)


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This best in class Hotpoint H9X 94T SX freestanding fridge freezer in satin stainless steel offers a more efficient way to maintain the freshness of your food with thoughtful technology. Total No Frost technology constantly circulates the air throughout the fridge and freezer, meaning no ice or moisture build up, so forget soggy salads or the chore of defrosting your fridge and freezer. Rest assured, this Hotpoint fridge freezer model has the best environment when it comes to preserving your food thanks to Active Oxygen, that helps to reduce bacteria and viruses by 99%, as well as removing bad odours. Active Fresh ensures the ideal temperature level at all times for longer food preservation to help you prevent food waste. This model also features an intuitive touch control user interface, so you can precisely operate your fridge freezer with with the touch of your fingertips.

Active Oxygen

Reduce up to 99% of viruses and bacteria with Active Oxygen. Active Oxygen reduces 99% of bacteria and viruses*, preserving the freshness of your food, while keeping bad odours at bay. *ISO 9001-2001 certification. Tests performed by Sereco-Biotest Laboratory *Virucidal field tests done by Notovir srl following the Guidance on the BPR, Vol. II Parts B+C, v. 3.0 Apr 2018 and including also Human Coronavirus OC43 for 24 hours at 4°C. Results referred to Murine Norovirus and Human Coronavirus OC43 and may vary based on shelf positioning and presence/absence of packaging. Tests on bacteria done by an independent laboratory on Petri plates in the 24 hours, according to ISO 22196, bacteria tested E.Coli and St. Aureus.

Active Fresh

This clever technology quickly restores temperature and humidity for optimal food preservation.

Multicool Flow

Constant airflow for a stable temperature. MultiCool Flow evenly distributes cool air inside of the fridge and freezer to give constant and uniform flow of air, keeping food temperature stable.

Total No Frost

No soggy salads and never defrost your fridge and freezer again. Total No Frost technology constantly circulates air around both the fridge and freezer so moisture can’t build up, which means no soggy salads and no ice build up, so you’ll never have to defrost your fridge or freezer.

Multi Fresh Zone

Choose from three temperatures to preserve either fruit and vegetables, dairy, or meat and fish. The Multi Fresh Zone is a full-width drawer with 3 adjustable temperatures that create the right environment for different types of food. Simply adjust the dial to preserve your desired foods; either meat and fish, dairy products, or fruit and vegetables.

Fresh Zone+

Keep your fruit and vegetables tastier for longer. The Fresh Zone+ drawer helps to maintain the right temperature, and features a handy humidity dial, so your fruit and vegetables stay crisp and full of flavour, for longer.

Movable Door Bins

Adjustable door bins that can be moved to store small or taller items.

Fast Freeze

Fast Freeze lowers the freezer temperature and enables you to freeze food and make ice in record time. Once the product is frozen, the temperature goes back to its programmed level.

Electronic Control

Active Inverter Compressor

Active Inverter Compressor. It optimises energy consumption, reduces temperature fluctuation optimizing food preservation.

Energy class C

Superior performances coupled with high energy savings are guaranteed at C energy class. So you can give the best care for your home and the environment.

LED lighting

Brighten up the contents of your fridge. Bright LED lighting illuminates the interior of your fridge so you can see everything clearly.