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  • Digital Hot Oven Cooker

  • Non-Stick Grill

  • Easy Clean Basket

  • Variable Temperature Range

  • 4.5L Capacity

  • Healthy Results with 90% Less Fat

  • One Touch Screen Display

  • 60 Minute Timer



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MasterChef air fryer balances a sophisticated minimal look with exceptional technology and creativity. Its sleek and stylish design along with the black surface will look great and become a welcome addition into your home.

The MasterChef air fryer is all about functionality designed for you. There are many features that make your use simple and effective, with its digital display screen you can easily see and use the fryer without having a bunch of buttons scattered over it. There are 7 easy to use pre-cook settings for when you want to save time and let the machine do its job. The screen itself is touch screen and simple for daily use.

With its easy-to-clean basket and 4.5L detachable cooking pot you don’t have to worry about tough and annoying washing, all you need to do is pop out the specific part and give it a quick wash, it’s that easy. The MasterChef air fryer also helps out your kitchen by having a no smell feature in its shell during the frying process, no unwanted food smell throughout your kitchen anymore. You will get all the fantastic flavour out of your MasterChef air dryer without any of the usual hassle.

Apart from the ease-of-use features the MasterChef air fryer also comes with a lot of power for such a small machine. It has a variable temperature range from 80-200 Degrees Celsius with a 60-minute timer so you know just the time it takes for your delicious food to cook. You can prepare and cook any food you want without a worry whether on a diet or not because of the healthier results of the air fryer, it uses no added oil and fat meaning you get about 90% less fat overall. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts. Your food will be superbly cooked in the non-stick grill and crisper with its 360-degree air circulation technology, to deliver to you beautifully crispy and grilled results.