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SONOS CONNECT Wireless Multi-Room Stereo Adaptor

  • Compatible with Sonos Multi-room music system

  • Wireless Hi-Fi sound anywhere in your home

  • Uses your home WiFi network

  • Control via the Sonos controller app on phone/tablet and PC


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SONOS CONNECT Wireless Multi-Room Stereo Adaptor

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The Sonos CONNECT Wireless Multi-Room Stereo Adaptor works by connecting to your existing amplified audio device and turning it into a wireless digital music system! With a home network in place you are able to stream wireless music to any room in your house with the addition of further Zoneplayers.

Experience Multi-Room music playback

Expand your home audio experience with Multi-Room technology. Play almost any music track from any source – your personal collection, a streaming service or  your phone – in any room you choose, all controlled by your Smartphone.

The simplest way to get started is to download the free Sonos app and then follow the simple instructions.

Multi-Room offers the ultimate in audio convenience and control. Manage your music on one device and build your system by adding other compatible Multi-Room speakers and components made by the same brand.

Control each speaker independently to play different music in each room, or use them together to enjoy the same music throughout your home – you can even link up speakers to create your own 5.1 sound system.

Connect your speakers more freely

An amazing new addition to the capabilities of the Sonos system, Sonos have now released a free upgrade available on all new and already purchased Sonos systems. With this Sonos update you won’t need a Sonos BRIDGE for Multi-Room playback between your speakers, making things even simpler.

You will be prompted on the Sonos Controller app that an update is required.

Now you can play music in sync between rooms on Sonos speakers, or play different tunes in each room all from your Apple device. You can now allow up to 32 people to add music to a playlist in any room using their own iPhone, to create wonderfully interactive party nights.

Please note that if you’re using a Sonos PLAYBAR with a subwoofer or wish to build a 5.1 home theatre system, you’ll still need to use the BRIDGE.

Sonos system

Enjoy the benefits of an interference-free musical network with the SonosNet wireless mesh network.

Connect your CD Player, MP3 player or other external device to the Sonos CONNECT Wireless Hub and stream the music to all other Zoneplayers in your system, giving you control of your digital music from one location!

Sonos music choice

The compact CONNECT Wireless Multi-Room Hub discreetly adds wireless capability to any amplified audio system and also boasts access to hundreds of thousands of internet radio stations, Spotify, Napster and more.

The superb CONNECT Wireless Multi-Room Stereo Adaptor also has an alarm clock with snooze and sleep timer functions and automatic library indexing, making it marvellously multifunctional!