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SONY BRAVIA KD65AG9BU 65 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart Android TV YouView (EX DISPLAY)

  • 65″ Inch
  • OLED 4K Ultra HD
  • HDR
  • Smart TV


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SONY BRAVIA KD65AG9BU 65 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart Android TV YouView (EX DISPLAY)

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Maximising OLED to its full potential, the Sony Bravia KD-65AG9 takes picture quality to a whole new level.

OLED – boosted
With over eight million, self-illuminating pixels, OLED offers sensational picture quality. Sony’s Pixel Booster Contrast system makes the best even better. Already exceptionally bright, the system delivers even punchier colour. It also brings out more subtle elements of colour – making this one of the most life-like TVs available.

X1 Ultimate for powerful picture processing
At the heart of this 65 inch Sony TV lies their flagship processor – X1 Ultimate. This processor intelligently enhances the brightness of hundreds of different picture elements, giving incredibly realistic and detailed images. X1 Ultimate is also the power behind upscaling FHD images to UHD 4K – bringing new life to your Blu-ray collection and non-4K TV shows.

Master Series TV – see the picture exactly as intended
Tuned to match their professional monitors, this Sony 65 inch OLED TV matches the original image quality as closely as possible. Netflix Calibrated Mode automatically adjusts the picture settings to get the most from this popular streaming service.

HDR support, including Dolby Vision
HDR maximises picture quality, bringing detail to the darkest areas of the picture as well as making the overall image look more life-like than ever. As well as HDR10 and HLG formats, this Sony is also compatible with Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision optimises the HDR format to give quite simply the sharpest, most accurate images possible. Very much an industry standard, Dolby Vision continually adjusts the picture for the most remarkable realism.

Acoustic Surface Audio + for immersive sound
Although you can’t see any speakers around this sleek TV, the clever tech comes from their positioning. By using actuators at the rear of the screen, the whole surface acts as one, cohesive speaker. This not only means ‘invisible’ speakers but also the sound comes directly from the screen for perfect sync with vocals and sound effects.

Built-in bass
In addition to the twin actuators there are also twin subwoofers built into the screen. Although these can’t match a separate home cinema system, they do give the TV a full-bodied and rich sound that’s perfect for when you just want to watch the news or general TV without switching on the full home cinema system.

Ultimate style statement – One Slate Concept
Featuring a super-slim design, with hidden inputs and speakers, the KD-65AG9 looks as sleek as possible. With its detachable rear panel, the AG9-series offers full cable management, making the TV look just as sleek from behind – perfect if the TV is pulled out from the wall. Every detail is perfectly designed – right down to the premium, metal-faced remote control and discreet, aluminium stand.

Android TV at its best yet
Bringing together photos, music, movies, Internet and apps, the Sony Android system makes accessing a huge range of entertainment easy. Sony’s latest Android TVs are up to 60% faster at launching apps than before. This means that as you switch between YouTube, Netflix and the Home Menu you get a more responsive feel and can enjoy your content sooner.

Hands free Google Assistant for effortless interaction
Built-in Google Assistant and advanced voice control makes finding content easier than ever. You can find new entertainment, check schedules and control your smart home simply by talking to the screen. For universal control, the system also works with Alexa (once connected to a suitable device) and Apple AirPlay/HomeKit via AirPlay.

Make TV easy, with YouView
YouView is a popular innovation that brings together live and on demand TV in an effortless, intuitive way. The simple menu page lets you easily find live or catch-up programmes, without having to open separate apps.

Stunning style, vivid picture and class-leading sound all combine to make the Sony Bravia KD-65AG9 one of the finest TVs around.

Please note, this Smart TV features third party Apps. These Apps may be modified or withdrawn at any time. There may also be a delay in launching some of the featured Apps. Catch-up TV Apps may vary by region. The function and availability of apps is not covered by the manufacturer’s or Richer Sounds’ guarantee.

Please note: This TV does not feature the Freeview Play catch-up service.